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Dutch Sweets

Here you will find the largest variety of name brand sweet and salty black licorice and Dutch candy, along with fresh cakes and cookies, and wonderful breakfast items imported regularly from Holland, and delivered straight to your door.  Dutch Licorice

Who We Are

Dutchsweets is an online Dutch food store based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and currently caters only to customers in the United States and Canada. It specializes in selling licorice drops imported mainly from the Netherlands and Germany, and other Dutch food items which are difficult to acquire outside of Europe.

What We Do

Dutchsweets.com started selling Dutch licorice, candy and a few baked goods in 2002. Sugar free varieties of Dutch candies were unique to the store at this time. Over the next several years, it expanded into selling most food items specific to Dutch tastes.

  • In July 2006, began selling items for Indonesian cuisine, as these spices are part of Dutch Golden Age.
  • In April 2008, began selling some licorice and candy varieties in bulk.
  • During the December holiday season, Dutchsweets carries Sinterklaas specific food items.

    Our passionate work fuels our steady growth and loyal customer following. We continue to provide an excellent customer experience through our user-friendly website that is constantly improving. We also emphasize superior logistics, and 99% of our orders ship within two days. We hope you enjoy your experience while shopping with us. Thank you for choosing Dutch Sweets. .
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